Congratulations on your excellent taste and thank-you for choosing a Hothouse Inspired Product. 

We expect you to enjoy years of trouble free use from your appliance.  However, in the unlikely event that you require assistance, please contact our technical service desk.All Hothouse stoves are automatically covered by a one year warranty but consumers may avail of a free upgrade to a five year warranty on limited parts (see terms and conditions) if Warranty Registration is completed and returned to Hothouse Inspired Products within one month of purchase.Please use the form to register your Hothouse product and activate your free 5 year warranty


Send us email on with subject "Warranty"

Please state in the email all the required contact details listed below.

Contact details

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Product details*

  1. Serial Number
  2. Stove model
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* Where to find your model & serial number

Hothouse stove model and serial numbers can be found on the rear of freestanding units, so please be sure to make a note of these before installation of the stove takes place. For Hothouse Inset stoves the model number and serial number can be found on the inside of the door.


Terms and Conditions

One Year Warranty

This warranty on Hothouse Stoves lasts for one year after the date of purchase.  The following parts are covered under the standard One Year Warranty.

• Refractory materials and plates • Rope seals, glass seals and cement seals • Surface finish on matt black models • Grates and fire bars • Ash pan

This 1 year warranty excludes the glass.

Five Year Warranty

Hothouse provides you with a Five Year Warranty for the following parts of your new product:

• Top (External Casing) • Sides (External Casing) • Base (External Casing) • Front (External Casing) • Door • Legs

This five year warranty specifically excludes naturally wearing parts of 'consumables' such as glass, fire-bricks, grate parts, log retainers, baffles, ash pan and rope seal. The use of unauthorised fuels such as petro-cokes will render the warranty null and void. To maintain the warranty; it is important that your appliance has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions by an appropriately qualified engineer.


All warranty claims should be reported to Hothouse Inspired Products and the product serial number (the serial number is located on the data badge on your product) date of purchase, proof of purchase (receipt) and details of the specific nature of the problem must accompany the claim.