Boiler Insert Stove

Hothouse multi-fuel boilers are designed to supply heat into the room when they are installed, as well as all your central heating requirements and can provide domestic water. They can be installed as the primary source of heat or can be linked into an existing central heating system. Hothouse boilers have a high efficiency burn rate which in turn will save you money compared to an open fire and back boiler.  All boilers come with an air wash system that keeps the glass clear during operation. Before purchasing one of our stoves we strongly recommend you have your system checked by a qualified HETAS Level 4 wet installer to ensure suitability. Our Boilers can burn either coal or wood and are thermostatically controlled with a multi-fuel grate. Alternatively you can ‘link up’ a Hothouse high output boiler with your existing heating system to reduce your reliance on gas or oil.

•  Heat your hot water & radiators

•  Cost effective central heating system

•  3 times more efficiency than an open fire

•  Airwash Technology to keep glass clean

  • Top quality cast iron construction
  • •  Thermostatic control

    •  Large viewing glass

    •  Primary and secondary air regulators

    •  Secondary Burn technology for increased efficiency

    •  Fits any standard fireplace

    18kW Hothouse Boiler Insert Stove

    Weight: 150Kg

    Heat Output Room: 5.6kW 

    Heat Output Water: 12.1kW

    Radiators: Up to 14 Radiators incl. Domestic Hot Water

    Fuel: Solid fuel or wood

    (wood moisture content should be below 

    20% for optimum burning)

    Energy Efficiency: 

    CE approved to deliver 80.00 % efficiency

    Flue Collar Size: 6 inch

    Size: Height: 589mm

             Width:  503 mm

             Depth:  359 mm

    It  is recommended that a site visit is made to your house to ensure that your existing system is suitable for use with the Hothouse boiler  product. 

    Please be aware that there may be  additional costs/purchases required to use this product such as Flue system/additional copper pipe work/pipe stat valves/heat soak device/additional circulation pumps/neutraliser manifold device/drain cocks/inspection tee. Please consult with your HETAS Level4 wet installer who will advise you. 

    The product will need to be fitted/installed and signed off by a HETAS Level4 wet installer, basically this is a plumber approved to GAS SAFE scheme who has passed the HETAS wet installation training.