Hothouse Smart Electrical Heaters

  • Fully programmable 7 day/24 hour timer
  • 10 years guarantee on body and heating element, 2 years on electronic
  • Efficient & Economical
  • Economy, Comfort & Frost Protect Mode
  • Thermostatic control
  • Easy to install. No wiring/plumbing
  • Full Aluminium body 
  • Replace your old storage heater
  • No expensive installation
  • No combustion, no oxygen usage, no frozen pipes, no fumes
  • Gentle warmth: even thermal spread (no cold or hot zones)
  • LCD blue digital screen
  • Weekly and Daily programmable
  • Quick temperature rise

Available in 600W, 1000W and 1500W

Power  Fins  Dimensions (CM)     Kg

1500W  9      59.5(h) x 79.5(w) x 11(d)  15

1000W  6    59.5(h) x 55.5(w) x 11(d)    10

600W   5    59.5(h) x 47.2(w) x 9.2(d)   8