Stove Accessories

Stove Fixing Kit

Stove Fixing Kit, consisting of a 1.2mm steel plate, (1075mm x 380mm) with a central circular cutout to accommodate the included collar (5ʺ or 6ʺ sizes available), a 4ʺsquare flue access hatch and cover is also included. The kit is completed by 3 x angle brackets to fix into the chimney opening, a 1000mm x 5ʺ or 6ʺ single wall vitreous enamelled flue pipe, a rope fix kit and a 300ml cartridge of KOS black firecement to seal the fluepipe into the chimney.

  • Reduces heat loss
  • Encourages a good natural draw into the chimney
  • Prevents downdraughts coming into the room
  • Constructed of steel material meeting building regulations for use as a debris plate

Heat Powered Stove Fan

Make sure you are making the most of the fuel you are burning with this heat powered stove fan which is designed circulate the heat created by a stove.Improving the warm air circulation will provide you with greater comfort and help you to reduce your fuel consumption. It is self-powered using the heat from the stove and therefore consumes no mains power and does not require batteries.

  • Needs no electricity or batteries
  • Increases room heat, burn less fuel
  • Quiet operation

Fan can be placed on a stove with a surface temperature of 65 degrees.


Skamolex panels are for lining fireplaces, gas fires and stove and are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1100°C. They are made from exfoliated vermiculite and are non-irritant, odourless and easy to handle.

  • High insulation capacity
  • Ideal for lining stoves and fireplaces
  • Produce better combustion and cleaner waste gas
  • Ideal for fire chambers and inglenooks
  • Ideal as a heat shield above a stove
  • Easy to use and cut as required


SKAMOTEC 225 is a light weight material providing several advantages including high mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity and maximum service temperatures of 1000°C. The exceptional heat resistance makes the SKAMOTEC 225 able to withstand continuous heat cycles.

  • Provides a unique alternative for dealers and installers to maximize their business with quick, easy installations for distinctive looking fireplaces 
  • High heat resistance and helps prevent the formation of cracks and the costly callbacks
  • 50% lighter than other non-combustible boards


22’’ Coal Hod

Wood Moisture Meter

Basket with Jute Line

Turn Handle Comp. Set 18''

Ash Safe

  • Easy to use
  • Safest method to remove
  • ashes from your appliances
  • Galvanised steel
435mm(W) x 110mm(H) x 340mm(D)

Dome Sparkguard with Brass Handle

Mini Coal Hod

16’’ Cromwell m/fuel 

22’’ Coal Hod Backet Weave Finish

Basket Weave Waterloo Bucket

Jumbo Coal Hod

Waterloo Bucket Black 16’’

22’’ Coal Hod Black/Brass 

Metal Coal Tub

12’’ Coal Scoop

Rectangular Coal Hod

BOX 12 Mini Waterloo Bucket 

Coal Bucket c/w Companion Set

16’’ Heavy Duty Ashpan & Tool

Eco Briquette Maker

3 Fold Fire Screen

Dome Spark Guard

Dome Spark Guard

Rectangular Guard

Nursery Guard - extending  

 Extendable up to: 66 inches (1.6Mtr)
 Depth: 18 inches    Height: 26 inches

3 Fold Screen Cage

4 Fold Screen Black 

Pair Large Wicker Cart - Jute Liner

25’’ Tear Drop Comp. Set

19’’ Classic Companion Set

18’’ Contemporary Comp. Set 

25’’Turn Handle Comp. Set 

Loop Hearth Tidy 

Fire Shovel & Brush Set 

Shovel With Wooden Handle 

19’’ Value Poker 

18’’ Spare Poker 

18’’ Spare Brush

18’’ Spare Shovel

3 Bar Coal Guard

Coal Saver Bricks

Granite & Slate Products


GLASS HEARTHS (Transparent or Smoked)